Listed here are a small number of examples of my work as a sound designer and composer in theatre. Descriptions are below.

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Naked by Lisa Rose-Snow

This is the opening cue/theme for the show. The main character of the show had some major problems giving and receiving love, and was dealing with a lot of self loathing. She opens the show during this cue with a severe tantrum. Big explosion, bass heavy, dark energy, wailing.


I, Animal by Daniel MacIvor

The opening theme of the show about three unrelated characters who have experienced love and loss, and who all share a profound moment of simple beauty and self discovery. Busy, lost, scattered, a pause…


Pains of Youth by Ferdinand Bruckner

In this play about six bored and sexually messed up medical students in 1920s Vienna, two of the Characters play a record on the gramophone and dance throughout the scene. This composition was a take on the theme written for the piece itself; waltzy, a little odd, a little macabre, a little beautiful.


Heroes by Tom Stoppard

The opening theme of a show about three WWI veterans holed up in a military hospital. They outwardly relive the glory of their days as soldiers, and inwardly struggle with the reality of the toll it’s taken on them. Triumphant, sweet, uplifting, earth rattling, arresting.


Domestic Train Wreck by Melanie Bennet, Aaron Collier and Richie Wilcox

A non-linear, abstract, multimedia exploration of feminine domesticity, romance novels and soap operas. Much of the live sound design was constructed from samples of 80s and 90s soap operas, like the one used in the promotional trailer below. Sexy, mysterious, forbidden…