Aaron Collier (born April 1, 1981) is a Canadian musician, producer and sound designer living in Lethbridge, Alberta. As a musician he’s known for his keyboard and synth work with The Jimmy Swift Band and Scientists of Sound as well as his own solo performances and recordings. To date he’s released two solo recordings; Love (2008) is an album of mostly dance and ambient electronic music made using the software Cubase and a Rhodes electronic piano, and Neo (2011), a single-take recording of improvised music with a grand piano and a computer. Since 2012 he’s been practicing and performing as a controllerist under the alias Chandelier, and is currently in collaboration with projection artist Nicholas Bottomley producing a new live performance called Myth of Canada.

As a sound designer Collier has worked with companies such as Angels & Heroes, Lunchbox Theatre, DMV Theatre, Kazan Co-op, Festival Antigonish and Workhouse Theatre. He has also designed for Dalhousie University and the University of Lethbridge productions. He’s a founding member of the renowned troupe Theatre Outré in Lethbridge.