My brother Chris sent Richie and I a box of tester vials of The Mod Cabin Beard Oil and a couple tins of their Beard Balm too. Chris is typically a very beardy fellow – not sure if he uses the stuff himself but I have to say the stuff is great! A light texture leaves the beard soft and not heavy or oily. I particularly like the beard balm – I’ve never tried such a product before. It adds a bit of styling capability which is actually pretty good for my beard – kind of wavy do-whatever-the-fuck-it-wants kind of beard. I think my favourite scents are both the Honeysuckle and Gunbarrel (is that really what a gun barrel smells like?) for the beard oils and the Tobacco and Leather for the balm.

The company is based in Boulder, CO and claims their stuff is all handmade with all natural ingredients – great! A visit to their website will show you they seem pretty serious about what they’re doing – they have a bunch of products there. What with beards and the accompanying products being all the rage lately, I’d recommend this stuff to anything bearded or perhaps for someone who wants to give a gift to the bearded person of their choice. Great design too. Their tester box will get you 5 x .5oz vials of high quality oil to sample for a good price so you don’t have to commit to a full bottle of a particular scent before you know if you’d like it living under your nose day in and day out.

The Oil Scents:

Gunbarrel, Miner’s Mint, Ridge Runner, Honeysuckle, and Wanderlust


Long live the soft and fragrant beard! Thanks Chris!

(below I’m freshly oiled up with their Ridge Runner oil after my morning cold shower – a little too candy-sweet for my tastes but still looked and felt good.)

Freshly oiled with The Mod Cabin’s Ridge Runner Beard Oil.

Recommend any good beard products? Anybody use The Better Beard Company’s products? Hit me up on Twitter @aaron_collier.