I recently discovered a little app called F.lux. This handy piece of work will gradually reduce the amount of blue light emitted from your computer screen throughout the evening, and this is a really important thing.

The light emitted from devices with screens (televisions, computers, phones, tablets etc) as well as from certain led and compact fluorescent bulbs has a significant amount of blue wavelengths. So does sunlight. During the day time, blue light enhances attention, quickens reaction times and other lovely benefits. At night however, exposure to these wavelengths will throw off your biological clock (circadian rhythm) and inhibit the brains production of melatonin, a hormone important for many physiological functions including sleep timing.

So F.lux can help you read online articles or watch Netflix before bed while minimizing the negative effects of using these devices at night. When I’m ready to turn in and want to invite sleep, I do a mental body scan when I’m laying on my back in bed. I begin at my feet and move to my head, visualizing each part of my body relaxing and then being relaxed fully.